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Latest comment: 2 years ago by Daramlagon in topic Renewal of Adminship

Request for Adminship


I would like to apply as an administrator for this new wiki to secure the accuracy of entries, check the proper orthography of words, and secure this wiki from any sort of possible vandalism or false information. I have been an active editor of this wiki since its incubator stage and filed the final request for its approval. Thank you very much. --Kunokuno (olay) 13:25, 12 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

-Support. Kunokuno is a Bikolano Writer currently active in editing in Bikol Sentral Wiktionary even from its incubation. ---Brazal.dang (olay) 13:29, 12 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

STRONG SUPPORT - since Kunokuno is one of the contributing in Bikol Wikionary. --ShiminUfesoj (olay) 17:49, 13 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Strong Support He has played a great role during the incubator stage of this wiki. I think it would be helpful to make him an administrator since he is a regular editor of the wiktionary. Sherlock808 (olay) 14:34, 14 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Strong Support for Kunokuno. He taught me how to edit in Wiktionary and how to use Lingua Libre to provide pronunciations for words.Jheckpesino (olay) 15:32, 17 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Request for Adminship


Hello! I would like to extend my help in being an administrator for this newly-approved project. Currently there are templates and modules needed to be locked to secure the validity and the reliability of the project. Thank you. ---Brazal.dang (olay) 13:37, 12 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Strong Support. Her technical skills as a registered librarian would be of great help for this project since this also requires expertise in database management, proper categorization, and cataloging. Kunokuno (olay) 15:07, 12 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Strong Support --ShiminUfesoj (olay) 17:50, 13 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Strong Support I was one of the attendees during the trainer's training and I have learned a lot from her. She has also been an administrator during the incubator stage of this wiktionary. I hope she can still be part of developing and protecting this project.Sherlock808 (olay) 14:39, 14 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Strong Support I support Ms.Dang. She is dedicated on improving this project. She has also teach me on using Wiktionary and uploading on Wikicommons.Jheckpesino (olay) 15:44, 17 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Request for Adminship


I work on Bikol orthography and published an orthography guide book Antabay sa Ortograpiya nin Bikol Sentral in 2012. With Master's degree in Filipino and a member of Parasurat Bikolnon writers organization, I have become a Wiktionarian and am in fact the original proponent of Bikol Wiktionary, Bikol Wikipedia and Rinconada Bikol Wikipedia many years ago, I have a clear understanding of what a Wiktionary should be like. For example, meanings should have references and entries need to be in simple form as in no affixes specially in verbs. I would like to focus on these areas. Most importantly, I wish to give a sense of balance in the community of a project which should be open to ideas and to new editors from different backgrounds. Being a Wikimedian, I believe in collaboration rather than competition. --Filipinayzd (olay) 01:31, 13 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Strong Support --ShiminUfesoj (olay) 17:49, 13 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Strong Support -- (1) Impressive credentials and expertise as a Bikolano writer (2) The original proponent of the Wikimedia projects in the Bicol Region, Philippines which includes the Bikol Wiktionary, Bikol Wikipedia, and Rinconada Bikol Wikipedia (3) Passionate in uplifting the Bikolano language and other Philippine-based languages through the projects of the PhilWiki Community (PH-WC) in which he is the current President/Chairman. Personally, for someone who just joined the Bikol Community of the Wikimedia movement last year (2020), I became an active editor in the Bikol Wikipedia and Bikol Wiktionary through the PH-WC User Group's initiative. Finally, I believe that those three (3) qualifications I stated above are enough for him to be considered as an administrator of the Bikol Wiktionary. -- Ralffralff (olay) 22:25, 13 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Strong Support. DARIO SEVERI (olay) 11:00, 18 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Ano pa ba pwede


Aside sa Adminship ano pa pwede? Tatlo na nag-aaply ng Adminship hehe --ShiminUfesoj (olay) 17:57, 13 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Hello ShiminUfesoj! Pwede ka pa man mag-apply asin masuporta man giraray kami saimo. Dakulang tabang ang mga taga-ambag na arog mo. Mabalos! ----Brazal.dang (olay) 18:14, 13 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply
The more, the merrier! -Filipinayzd (olay) 00:56, 14 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Adminship request


Hi, i would like to apply an Adminship here in Bcl Wiktionary because I want to improved and also help to make this wiktionary more useful and helpful since the Bicol Central and other Bikol Languages have no online Dictionary, I Hope this website help to preserve my preseous language.. Thank you --ShiminUfesoj (olay) 17:54, 14 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Manungod sa mga entrada na audio clip sana an laman


Tano ta may mga artikulo na mayo man laog o boot sabihon alagad may audio, arog kan hangog? Dai daw ini magigin ano, o baka lalagan na sana nin mga boot sabihon pag-abot kan panahon --ShiminUfesoj (olay) 20:03, 15 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Dai man iyan magigin problema. Kolaborasyon man ini nin ambag. Pwede ka mag ambag tataramon, audio, litrato, pagsayod, halimbawa, o reperensya. An ano man na entra, sarong dai tapos na entra. Boot sabihon pwede pang dugangan nin mga kadagdagan na impormasyon pag abot kan panahon. Lugod imbis na limitaran ta an kapasidad kan maski si isay na paraambag, tabangan tang dugangan an laog kan entra, orog kun ini bako man nin bandalismo. Mabalos. :) Kunokuno (olay) 20:27, 15 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

--Dios Mabalos --ShiminUfesoj (olay)

Igwang ideal o pamantayan na artikulo kuta na magigin pattern para sa mga masurunod saka iba pang artikulo. --Filipinayzd (olay) 13:21, 16 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Urog na V.S. Mas


Hapot sana, pano gamiton an "UROG NA" sa sarong kataga pagkakaaram ko kaya ini an kapantay sa MAS na kastila. --ShiminUfesoj (olay) 10:38, 16 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

An urog/orog katampad kan mas o lalo na/lalo pa. Alagad kun para sa mga regular na paragamit o paradangog, ginagamit an mas ta iyo an pirming gamit o mas common. Kunokuno (olay) 10:53, 16 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply
Pwede man magribay-ribay an gamit kan nangurog na saka mas. Garo asin, sagkod, saka, budâ. --Filipinayzd (olay) 13:19, 16 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Request for adminship


I would like to be one of the admins of this wiki project. Jabolero (olay) 13:55, 18 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

Project/Rapid/MaroBos/Hatch-A-Wiki Project 2021


Good day everyone! I intend to do this simple project in order to develop our Wikiquote projects that are still in incubators (Central Bikol and Tagalog). This notice is required to be posted in community discussion pages related to the project. I hope this will be a success.MaroBos (olay) 23:04, 30 Abril 2021 (PST)Reply

Renewal of Adminship


Hello! I would like to inform the community that I will be applying for an extension on my role as an administrator in this project. I would like to continue fixing the modules and templates that I am still working on. There are still a lot of things in this project that need some fixing, others some updating. Thank you in advance for your support. Imelda (olay) 22:41, 14 Hulyo 2021 (PST)Reply

  • Strong support: There are only minimal contributions and edits during the previous months for this Wiki project. Her edits will be a big help for the BCL Wiktionary to remain active.Kunokuno (olay) 22:55, 14 Hulyo 2021 (PST)Reply

SheSaid Philippines 2021



Wikiquote for Central Bikol and Tagalog language are both being improve by Wikimedians in the Philippines. To further promote this project to the community, we are planning to join the SheSaid Campaign this year. You can find more details about this project here:SheSaid Philippines 2021. We would like to invite everyone to join us in this campaign. Feel free to reach out.

Imelda (olay) 22:05, 7 Setyembre 2021 (PST)Reply

Central Bikol Wiktionary Edit-a-thon with Lingua Libre and Spell4Wiki Recording


Hello everyone,

I am currently applying for a rapid grant request for the improvement of our local Wiktionary. This will include incorporating audio recordings from Lingua Libre and Spell4Wiki application. Thank you. Daramlagon (olay) 20:20, 10 Nobyembre 2021 (PST)Reply

Hello Daramlagon!
Please share the link to your grant request application for the information of the everyone. I am hoping you can include activities to celebrate the birthday of our Wiktionary. Thanks! ---Imelda (olay) 13:53, 15 Nobyembre 2021 (PST)Reply
Hi Imelda! Hello everyone!
Here's the link to my grant request proposal submitted last November 10, 2021.
Re: Bikol Wiktionary's birthday celebration, the program and the list of activities are now being prepared. Feel free to suggest activities to make this upcoming celebration more fun and fruitful not only to us Wiki volunteers but most importantly to our readers.
Thank you and cheers to everyone present here! Padagos sana.
Daramlagon (olay) 18:25, 15 Nobyembre 2021 (PST)Reply

Request for Adminship


Hello, I recently received a grant funding from the WMF to head a campaign (Dec 2021-July 2022) for the Bikol Wiktionary. In this regard I would like to request administrator and interface administrator access to apply necessary changes and updates in the said platform especially in the language codes, spelling guide, diacritics, introductory grammar, entry organization, categories, and audio. These were based on your suggestions and feedback (see above). My goal is to make the platform more systematic, accessible, economical, and collaborative. This will also ensure a smoother and a more active participation from editors (both old and new) and readers which I have invited to participate in the 6-month campaign to revitalize Bikol Wiktionary. Cheers and padagos lang! Daramlagon (olay) 23:47, 3 Enero 2021 (PST)Reply

  • Strong Support. I have been working closely with Daramlagon and I can attest to his dedication for preserving our local language and making it accessible to everyone. I hope his request be granted. Kunokuno (olay) 00:26, 4 Enero 2022 (PST)Reply

Renewal of Adminship


Hello! I would like to inform the community that I will be applying for an extension on my role as an administrator in this project and possibly with an interface administrator rights as well. I would like to continue fixing the modules and templates that I am still working on. There are still a lot of things in this project that need some fixing, others some updating. Thank you in advance for your support. Imelda (olay) 13:59, 26 Enero 2022 (PST)Reply

Strong support. The project needs another support aside from the campaign organizer of the Language Preservation edit-a-thon Daramlagon, especially since it intends to reach the 5,000th entry by the first half of 2022. More thorough clean-ups and uniformity should be achieved and given the long experience of Brazal.dang in handling developing projects, she is most qualified for renewal of adminship. Kunokuno (olay) 14:54, 27 Enero 2022 (PST)Reply
Strong support
Strong support MaroBos (olay) 14:53, 27 Enero 2022 (PST)Reply
Strong support BiancaBrazal (olay) 19:12, 27 Enero 2022 (PST)Reply
Strong support Daramlagon (olay) 20:21, 2 Pebrero 2022 (PST)Reply